There are a number of different services we offer.  Listed below are a couple of those.  A lot of services are going to vary in price based on location.  The prices listed are for the area I consider local (Immediate Winchester area).  If you are not sure whether you are considered “local”, send me a Facebook message or email me with your location and what you need so I can give you an accurate quote.

Diagnosis/Service Call – $109

charlie treadmill

Strange noise? No display? The service call is to figure out what exactly the issue is on your machine.  A tech will visit with you and your machine to diagnose the issue.  If the tech can fix the machine without any parts (a lot of times that is possible), then great!  In this case we also do a preventive maintenance service to your machine while we are there.  However, if we determine a part that we do not stock is needed to fix your issue (very possible as well)  then we will give you an estimate to complete the repair on a follow-up appointment.  In this case the preventive maintenance service will be included in the estimate.

If you have multiple units needing serviced, the additional units could be more depending on what needs done.  Contact us for details on your specific case.

Assembly and Installation – $150 – $250


So you ordered some fitness equipment and want a professional to put it together?  Smart move.  And you don’t want to take a truckload of cardboard along with a giant pallet to the landfill? I don’t blame you.  This is where we come in.  Our installs include haul away of ALL packaging material.  You just point to where you would like your equipment to be  located and we take care of the rest.  We can also arrange to haul away your old equipment (this may be extra depending on if it requires disassembly and/or stairs are involved).

Moving or Relocating – Contact us for your price

Ready to schedule something?  Send a Facebook message, send an email, or give us call and we will get you set up!

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